Zoer Techniek

Zoer Techniek is a metalworking company in Dwingeloo (municipality of Westerveld) and has experienced strong growth since its foundation in 1983. Founder Hilbert Zoer first started with a lathe in the old dairy of Eemster. Since 1997, Zoer Techniek has been located on the Nijverheidsweg industrial estate on the outskirts of Dwingeloo.

Modern and innovative

In 2007 Zoer Techniek expanded further with the construction of a new warehouse and a large hall. The modern machinery is fully automated and consists of three CNC machining centres, eight CNC lathes, a teach-in lathe and a laser engraving machine. Our machines are very well suited for accurate sizing. With the current machinery, Zoer Techniek focuses mainly on single pieces and small series, but you can also contact us for larger series. The general tolerances according to ISO/NEN/DIN 2768- 1 apply to all products.

Working in the Northern Netherlands

Zoer Techniek’s customers are active in mechanical engineering, measurement and control, shipbuilding, medical technology, agriculture, automotive, food, precision engineering, onshore & offshore and electronics. The working area mainly covers the northern provinces of the Netherlands: Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel. The family business, second generation, is led by Agnes Zoer and her team consists¬† 13 dedicated employees.

Familie Zoer